Lazza brand is one of the few ice cream companies in the world which manufactures and markets both ice cream and frozen dessert. Ice cream and frozen dessert are similar products. Ice cream is manufactured with dairy fat and frozen dessert is made with vegetable fat. Ice creams from Lazza are costlier by 10% as compared with frozen dessert.

Duble Mango, Orange, Raspberry
Kulfi on Stick
Ice lolly
American Bar
Matka Kulfi
Casatta Mini Casatta Slice, Casatta Slice, Deluxe Casatta Slice
Mango in Mango
Dessert Mist
Cups 50ml, 100ml
Junior Tub (250ml)
Tub (350ml)
Family Pack (500ml)
Party Pack (1ltr)
1.25 ltr pack
Bulk Pack (4ltr)
Jumbo Pack (5ltr)
Lazza ice creams and frozen desserts are made every where under the same formula and it tastes the same any where. The process and equipments are modern and sophisticated. The products are subject to strict quality control. The cold storage systems in the factories are comparable with the best any where.
The products from Lazza both ice cream and frozen desserts conform to PFA Act and international, quality and bacteriological standards. All companies are expected to take HACCP Certification. Raw materials used are purchased only from standard companies with HACCP certification or after strict inspection of quality and standards.
Lazza products come in a wide range of packagings. Suitable packaging materials and designs are available for different types of markets ranging from 35ml to 5000 ml. Packaging is colorful and compares to the best in the country and even else where. Packings are mostly in polycoated paper container or plastic containers depending on
the local market conditions.
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